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Serving all local areas from Pensacola to Panama City.

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ONE Family Property Services is the primary provider of comprehensive property management services. We firmly believe in dedicating ourselves to providing quality housing that sets the standards for safe and healthy environments for all individuals and families. 


Mel has gone above and beyond as my property manager. She’s transparent with all issues and gives me multiple courses of action for resolving all situations. Further more I am informed of my legal authorities as a landlord; ensuring I keep tactical advantage over questionable tenants. I’ve had horrible property management experience from a local broker who pays their management team regardless of them taking care of my properties. It made me want to sell my assets. Mel gave hope to property management in this area and gave me a reason to continue purchasing properties so long as she manages them. I would sell all my properties if Mel was unable to manage my assets. I trust no one else. 


What distinguishes Mel from all other property managers I’ve worked with is she ALWAYS maintains communications.  She has ALWAYS responded to me in a day or two if not within hours and she is comfortable with all forms of communication, whether it’s by phone, email, or text.  This was indispensable when I was stationed overseas.  Furthermore, Mel has no issues with keeping you involved as much or as little as you wish with maintenance of your property.  This is why I’ve been with her for over 3 years and still maintain her services even after I’ve moved back into the local area

~James Cho

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